Born and bred NYer, 1st generation American

A neurotic control freak, type-A diva with a healthy smattering of dark, Jewish humor. She does it all. Singer. Actress. Dancer. Writer. Producer. Stand-up Comic. And now that she’s found the Jay to her Yonce, her dream life of superstardom and the greatest-fairytale-love-story of all time, is manifesting. OMG. Though she's hardworking and consistently demanding perfection, Queen B’s purity of heart is what truly drives her.


Brianne Bergson (Brianne Berkson)

Brianne Bergson is a 1st Generation American, born and bred New Yorker. After inhabiting (and thankfully abandoning) both suburban-hoodrat and gossip-girl-NYC personas, she nurtured her true calling of being an Artist. Though Brianne attended Columbia University to receive a “real education,” a BA in English & Comparative Literature, she always honored her innate calling and concurrently attended several acting (Atlantic Acting Studio, Stella Adler, Harold Guskin, UCB), dance (Broadway Dance Center, Peridance) and voice schools. She also graduated the UCLA Screenwriting Professional Program. Post school, Brianne juggled a myriad of jobs while pursuing her passion - her fave survival professions: Bat Mitzvah Dancer, Wedding MC, Soho Street Artist, Tutor.

In early 2009, Brianne experienced an uplifting stint in LA when she was told “no one likes a smart girl” and “dress sexier, speak less intelligently.” Deciding to take her career into her own hands (after a 3-hour-cry-fest in her rental car) Brianne wrote, produced and performed her one-woman-show, A Longhardt Look at Love, portraying 11 different characters, debuting at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (“A Longhardt Look at Love With Chad Longhardt” …a spoof of reality-TV dating shows in which a versatile Brianne Berkson plays multiple roles, including that of Chad.” - New York Post ).

From Edinburgh, she landed a run at Comix NY and due to her time there, Brianne was encouraged to return to stand-up (she had a brief run when she was 16 as well). Grateful for the opportunity to perform several nights a week and finesse her writing chops, Brianne performed comedy from 2010-14. Also during this time, Brianne founded Everlasting Films for which she wrote and produced commercials, music videos and short films. After several years of working on clients’ projects, in 2015 Brianne wrote, starred and single-handedly produced the Feature Film Bad Vegan and the Teleportation Machine (“Some interesting films that did not receive awards included…and actress Brianne Berkson’s comic performance stood out in Bad Vegan and the Teleport Machine.” - The Hollywood Reporter ).

Following Bad Vegan, Brianne continued to write, produce and perform her own work as well as others, and it was during this time she met the love of her life, Miguel. In early 2016 Brianne and Miguel began working together and haven’t left each other’s side since. BriGuel, Brianne and Miguel’s creative lovechild which encapsulates all of their talents - comedy, filmmaking, music - in one place, is also a dream come true for Brianne. Since the age of 2 she’s been writing, producing, dancing and performing, even charging family members admission to her living-room-theater pieces. Living proof that if you follow your heart, no matter how long the journey, you’ll experience heaven on earth, Brianne is thrilled to share laughter and joy with the world, alongside her Soulmate, her Bashert, Miguel.



Born in Germany, family from Israel, raised in Spain

Self-centered and occasionally hot-tempered, Miguel’s a gonna-be who’s all-too impressed by celebrity. He’s also finessed the art of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. And although he's often hypocritical and generally uninterested, Miguel's a genuinely kind-hearted person. Eager to push past his history of self-sabotage, Miguel has come to the US to find his Jewish bride and exploit his great talents as an MC, director, writer and producer.


Miguel Glückstern

Miguel-Michael-Michal Gluckstern-Gardos has an origin story as complex as his name. Born in Germany to a Holocaust surviving Psycho-Analyst and the Daughter of Holocaust Surviving Diplomats, he should’ve been born in Israel like his siblings - but it didn’t matter anyhow since the entire family transported to Spain by Miguel’s 3rd birthday. Thus though his first words were in Hebrew, Miguel soon lost his native tongue. His Father, fearing the rise of Anti-Semitism in Spain, forbade the Family to speak Hebrew. So by age 7, when Miguel started writing stories, he was Spanish…sort of. To the outside world, Michael had become Miguel (he even attended Reyes Catolicos Elementary School); yet inside the home, Miguel was constantly reminded he was Jewish - even though he knew nothing of Judaism, thanks to his Father’s complicated relationship with their heritage.

Miguel was introduced to Hip-Hop when he was 10, and his writing found a new, passionate path. By 13, he was rapping to live audiences, and at 15 he received his first camera - yet another tool to develop his storytelling skills. Though always drawn to the Arts, at 17 Miguel left for University to pursue a degree in sociology. Simultaneously he was performing Music all over Spain with some of the Country’s biggest Artists - including SFDK, Doble V, Nach and Tote King. When he was 20, Miguel ventured to London to study Filmmaking and learn English, and his travels performing music expanded throughout Europe. After London, Miguel’s Filmmaking took a unique turn in Madrid where he began producing (only producing) visually appealing Adult Films under the name Alfred Hugecock - for which he also received several Venus and AVN awards.

Desiring to take his Filmmaking to the next level (not Adult-Film Filmmaking, but Film Filmmaking), Miguel moved to New York City to study at NYFA. Also in NYC, Miguel started his Company Gluckstern Films, and began producing and directing a series of Short Films, commercials, music videos (Talib Kweli, EPMD, Kase-O, Dead Prez), and in 2014 his Feature Film Directorial Debut, Tom’s Dilemma. His Filmmaking thriving, Miguel also excelled musically, traveling to Latin America to perform in large Hip-Hop concerts as well as in NYC. He was working on his 4th studio album and several Short Films when he realized there was something missing: the Bri to his Guel. Luckily, he met Brianne while developing a Short Film and immediately they began working together both in cinema and music. Shortly after meeting - and working on several projects together, BriGuel, Brianne and Miguel’s creative lovechild which encapsulates all of their talents - comedy, filmmaking, music - was born. Living proof that if you follow your heart, no matter how long the journey, you’ll experience heaven on earth, Miguel is thrilled to share laughter and joy with the world, alongside his Soulmate, his Bashert, Brianne.